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Escort service Zurich offers the serious high class Escort Zurich

In the picturesque Swiss canton metropolis of Zurich, the sights are lined up one after the other. With the Zurich escort service, on foot and without having to rely on taxis and the like, you can marvel at something different at every corner: architectural highlights of modernity alternate with dreamlike, historic places at the high class Escort Zurich. Without exaggerating, you as a visitor could spend days and weeks in the city. Ideal conditions therefore for a beautiful time together with a submissive lady of the escort service Zurich.

With the escort service Zurich in the district “Niederdorf”

You should start your visit to Zurich in “Niederdorf”. The pedestrian zone and many small, hidden boutiques invite you to shop all day long. Your Zurich escort will certainly find a few souvenirs to bring with him from the exclusive Zurich escort service. If you stay longer in “Niederdorf”, you and your charming escort from the high class escort service Zurich can experience how the popular quarter turns into an entertainment district with bars and street artists. Mingle with the colourful audience together with your escort lady.

Experience Zurich West with the Zurich Escort Service

If you should not decide for “Niederdorf”, there are still many other possibilities to stay in the beautiful city of Zurich with and without escort service Zurich Annex. This also includes the renowned "Zürich West" district. Where the art of manufacturing was revolutionized in those days, arts and crafts, design, shopping, architecture and above all culture will be on the agenda in 2012. The huge factory buildings have long been a thing of the past. Creative people are taking advantage of the resulting freedom. Experience this metropolitan feeling with an urban, beautiful escort lady from the renowned Zurich escort service. In this part of town worlds are connected that couldn't be more different. Your escort lady will be absolutely thrilled.

With Escort Zurich to the Zurichberg

You love it exotic and have little to do with tradition? Then perhaps you've come to the right place at Zoo Zurich with its Masoala rainforest. Elephants, rhinos and more than 20 different species of monkeys will take you and your escort Zurich Lady on the “Zurichberg” with all Sinking into an exotic world beyond our imagination. Together with your charming lady from Escort Zurich you will be able to watch the snow leopards strut majestically through the Himalayan landscape.

Enjoy exotic culinary delights with Escort Zurich

If you would like to celebrate the transition into culinary delights just as exotically with the Escort Zurich, then the restaurant "Blue Monkey" is the place for you. recommended. In the “Haus der Zunft”, situated to the tailor, there is fantastic Thai cuisine in combination with an impressive Far Eastern ambience. Situated directly in the old town of Zurich, the restaurant serves food in an uncomplicated way. You and your escort lady should, however, make your way to the first floor, because there, in Thai Heaven, there is a very exclusive ambience with white tablecloths and silver Rechauds in the middle of the table. The Escort Zurich has also further culinary recommendations for you in stock.

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The Escort Service Zurich – the city between the mountains

If you believe in the Helvetic Republic, such a visit these images come to mind: Picturesque mountain ranges, pastures on mountain slopes, the famous cheese, freshly renovated watches and money launderers especially. And thus there is also no doubt near the incident that Escort Service  Zurich is a banking center, after all, she is considered one of the most prestigious communities in the country. But this is just not so. Culturally interesting with many ancient buildings and yet surprisingly sophisticated and alive-so reveals the very real face of their great city. Now imagine her visit to before with a sexy lady on their flank, which reads them every wish lips. Exactly here comes into play the  High Class Escorts Zurich : Our record is full to the top with pretty, stylish Graces for their upcoming detours here offer the ideal choice.

We begin our journey with a splash tour of the Bahnhofstrasse,  one of the best and most upscale shopping street in Zurich escort and maybe even the entire world. Elegant hotels, fashion stores and boutiques both a large number of smaller shops will be launched at the heart of their attractive lady accompanying the Zurich escort agency with safety in the air. Here, in addition, also the perfect opportunity to acquire the world-famous Swiss chocolate on sale at the source. Equally diverse Chocolatier shops show hawk their goods seductive.

Go after that shopping spree relaxed a modest Escort Service Zurich  piece on the beautiful Limmat towards Quaibrücke past, but in the end left around to get into the city core. Focus attention on relevant here is that you can make their full stroll through the best of Zurich quite pleasant without tax, known on foot. This alone provides a relaxed output level to sharpen their senses for the next highlight. And incidentally, it is also easy on the feet of their High Class Escorts Zurich Lady. Arrived in the city proper, we turn to the gigantic church tower, one of the emblems of the town, too. The well-known building whose origin is said to be Charlemagne makes, with its double citadels a very nice impression.

By it’s on to the shore of Lake Zurich. Once there, you get only a deep breath and enjoy the majestic view of the Alps with the picturesque, snow-capped peaks. The idyllic lake offers this panorama the appropriate contrast. Make her inquisitive accompanied by escort Zurich ready and start a rich impressions cruise to admire the city of her charms from the water side.

For the subsequent evening program is recommended Niederdorf of Zurichers called affectionately “Dörfli”. After a romantic supper with her Escort Service  Zurich Lady of bars and restaurants to relax and celebrate, ideal to enjoy the evening and dive into the nightlife ..

High Class Escorts Zurich – delicate experiences

Every city has its best side like the High Class  Escorts Zurich

The most beautiful lake of Zurich town High Class Escorts Zurich is not only known for their high quality of life and amazing views. Other hallmarks of the Swiss city are its award-winning pastry shops. The traditional chocolate experts are firm with the economic miracle it. Among the internationally known brands is the Cafe Felix. Under the management of the family business Teuscher Café creates annually ambitious chocolate creations. On a first date with the High Class Escorts Zurich should you buy as gifts necessarily some chocolate creations. Incidentally, Teuscher is also regarded as conceiver and creator of champagne truffles. The Coffee Shop Schober offers in the picturesque town on his impressive scene set in patisserie. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the café, because here are the clocks stopped beating. This is the perfect atmosphere for you and your High Class  Escorts Zurich lady.

The export of the seaside town is the famous film and television shop “Sprüngli”. For nearly 200 years this family stands for quality, innovation and tradition. Exactly these values ​​are also available for the High Class Escorts Zurich.

How “Sprüngli” started his conquest around the world

The history books can be found around the year 1836, the first mention of the company. Sun David Sprüngli founded his first shop right on the Market Street of the Escorts Zurich. Sprungli, a clever entrepreneurs thinking one step further. In 1859 he raises some groups of buildings on Zurich’s Paradeplatz – At that time, an area with few visitors and tourists. In mind, he hoped that the new station there, the escort agency Zurich is built. Unfortunately that was not the case. Was not really a problem as the parade ground was road in the world, combined with the parallel to renowned Bahnhofstrasse shopping. The foundation for the conquest of the world was laid. David Sprüngli can pat himself on the shoulder – The High Class Escorts Zurich too.

From Local Hero to global player

In a few decades, from the family-run, small confectionery in the old town of High Class Escorts Zurich the company became a global company with over 1000 employees. Even 200 years later, a fact has not changed: Good chocolate is packaged by hand. And so the Sprüngli own creations are to be sold in twenty shops and stores. This success story finds also the  High Class Escorts Zurich absolutely remarkable. Today, the family of David Sprüngli grandnephew is headed by the sixth generation. Among the most popular delicacies include “Luxemburgerli”. These are very delicate macaroons, which are filled with a fine cream.

By now you have become an export hit for High Class Escorts Zurich. By the way, the success story of the macaroons back to a Luxembourg intern. He took the basic recipe from his native country. With his master Richard Sprüngli, he improved the macaroons. Today there are nearly 40 different variations of it. Every month is a new addition to the collection of macaroon High class Escorts Zurich.

The main store is located on the main street 21. There you can even taste the chocolates produced according to traditional recipes. Bon appetit! You’re .

Thanks to the Escort service Zurich

Thanks to the Escort service Zurich the Swiss city is away from its bourgeois image. Those who are used into the Swiss “big city” Zurich and come there for years, may have noticed something: The Transformation of Zurich away from the neat Philistine city to a hip in-metropolis. This also goes back to the account of the Escort service Zurich. Because now not only the bankers feel really well here. The image of the dusty-calcified “Mainhattan” Switzerland is gone. What’s left are, trendy bars, restaurants, an idyllic lake and of course the Escort service Zurich. The impressive Chagall windows in the Fraumünster Church have been determined for the ladies so many wedding dreams awakened. You should start your Tripp in Zurich Seefeld district right on that one with the most beautiful corners. Always there with the high-class Escort service Zurich. At this point, by the way, also starts the annual Zurich Street Parade, which is the most successful techno-export of Switzerland. Of course, just behind the HCE Escort service Zurich.

Escort service Zurich Street Parade

Let The Bass Roll – with Escort service Zurich at the Street Parade Zurich. The Swiss techno stronghold is in mid-August Zurich – the home of the Escort service Zurich. Each year it hosts the famous, infamous street parade around the lake of Zurich instead. On many of the trucks is an Escort service Zurich beauty that gives with her stunning appearance a racing heart to many ravers. Spotters will call the parade also like the most colorful house and techno party in the world. In addition to the various “floats” above the trucks and high-class escort Zurich various stages there are live performances by international scene DJs. Of course, not past ten the party is over, because there are many after-parties at the clubs in the Zurich town to celebrate. To mention only one of them: “Energy 12 – The Party Arena.” Here to celebrate the superstars Tiesto, Avicii and Afrojack their top hits. Learn about the often stuffy city of Zurich from the other side. Your support is certainly very pretty like the after-hours with Escort service Zurich will be spent in our hotel room.